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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

F1 1970s: part 4- Drivers, Constructors, etc...

Here, I have tried to keep it similar to the 1960s version. I have provided statistics for various important aspects such as the constructors that took part during the decade, the changes in the points system that occurred, the fatalities the F1 world witnessed (not always in F1 though) and my dream line up (arguably).

If one thought that the 31 during previous decade was more, it increased by 50% with as many as 45 constructors during the succeeding decade as F1 gained more popularity among masses and constructors alike. Lotus and Ferrari continued their strong form from previous decade with Brabham and BRM moving downwards. Previous decade newbie McLaren began to show their class with 2 drivers and one constructor’s championships, the same as decade new entrant Tyrrell. Williams and Renault are two of the names which came in and have been prominent names (also as Engine suppliers) in the decades succeeding the 1970s.

Points System:
As was evident in the last few years of the 60s, the points allotted for each position in the race continued to remain the same, only with the results counted towards the championship changing. 
                                                                         * - All races counted towards Constructor's championship


The number if F1 fatalities did reduce over this decade due to heightened safety concerns which lead to increased safety for drivers.
9 drivers died during grand prix events with seven more dying during non- grand prix events. 
Mike Hailwood gained a lot of respect when he pulled Clay Regazzoni from a burning car during the 1973 South African grand prix. Similarly Niki Lauda was saved from more serious injury thanks to the efforts of some fellow drivers.
* Jochen Rindt became the first post humous champion (championship awarded after death) after he died while leading the championship during the Italian GP race weekend.
* Former champion Graham Hill died in a plane crash in 1975

The below table represents my dream teams, for arguably, the most well known constructors of the decade. Some drivers do fit in several teams based on the teams they drove for successfully, but I have tried to achieve a compromise, hence ensuring all good drivers get a look in.


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